PC Minutes 25th January 2024

Minutes Uploaded on February 24, 2024



25th January 2024

7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors Present

Nicky Brooks (Chair) NB

Lysette Nicholls (Deputy)(LN)

Rita Sawrey-Woodwards (R S-W)

Peter Grant (PG)





Apologies from Dick Pears, David Auger

Apologies from Carl Rylett and Dan Levy


There were no Declarations of Interest


To approve the minutes of the previous meeting as being a true record of the proceedings – a copy having been circulated in advance to the Councillors – Minutes approved by those present.


Opportunity for any parishioner to raise a matter of concern. The details are not necessarily minuted.


PC Business

Payments to approve – a list was circulated in advance of the meeting to councillors and the payments approved will be shown in the minutes of this meeting as a Schedule


NB asked that any expenditure on behalf of the parish council is accompanied by a VAT receipt made out in the name of the parish council


NB reminded councillors of the importance of using the pc e mail address for their own protection.


NB clarified that the paperwork for the setting of the precept (as agreed in November) had been submitted to the WODC – following WODCs calculations it meant a rise in the precept of 3% – It does however result in the agreed increase to our funds.

6 and 7

It was agreed that the clerks emails should continue to be distributed but that if any action was to be taken it would be referred back to the clerk


Review of actions or discussions from last meeting.

The vehicle by the garages in Lymbrook Close has still not been removed.  DP to chase again.


The car parked at the entrance to Just Cartridges has been removed.


Martin Spurrier and John and Liz Ashwell have agreed to takeover the newsletter production from LN – Our thanks go to LN for her hard work.  The deadlines for contributions for the rest of the year are 10 March, 24 May, 21 August and 11 November


There had been an allocation of £75 for the collection of leaves on the village green – this was no longer needed as a villager had kindly undertaken the task (KL)


After some chasing by DP the road salt box is now in place.


We haven’t been able to find anyone to run a good neighbours scheme


12 Acre Solar Farm – It was agreed that DP would reapproach the developer to see if more community benefit money could be gained because of the delay – particularly in the deliverance of the planting scheme.


Update on Shores Green, A40, traffic calming and Barnard Gate Junction

Update on Shores Green – another meeting has been held with OCC  – there is no update on the progress of work starting only that it has been further delayed and OCC and the land owners have failed to come to an agreement

Traffic Calming The pc had submitted a summary of the consultations held with the village about the proposed scheme – OCC wanted some more detail.

A second meeting was arranged as a walk through to finalise the details of the scheme.  The village consultation had brought to our attention that, whilst approving of the scheme, residents wanted as little extra road furniture as possible.  This is going to be actioned by OCC.  When the final scheme is available it will be published for everyone to see.  OCC have said that the scheme will be implemented before work starts on the junction. The PC will continue to have regular meetings with OCC – the next one scheduledfor April 2024


Update on conservation area application– a productive meeting had been held with WODC – a note is attached


Martin Spurrier presented the framed copy of letter received from the King following on from the celebrations of his Coronation.  This was gratefully received by both the VHC and the parish council and will be erected in the village hall


Opportunity for any County Councillor and / or District Councillor to update the Parish Council on any matter of relevance or concern.


LN  – West Botley Solar Farm consultation is now closed. Attended a rural crime meeting with the PCC. Mentioned about thefts in church and village and they are going to put information sheet together. Criminals are using drones now. More rural crime police officers are being recruited. They are looking at having base locations more locally e.g.; fire stations (Burford being rolled out).

Proposal for cross party task force to tackle Thames Water proposed at Full Council.


Planning – Two planning applications had arisen in between meetings – April Cottage and the Old Crossing – neither were felt to be contentious – see attached


Football pitch Grass cutting and hedge cutting – preservation of the verges throughout the village.  NB will get a quote to get the grass cut shorter and cuttings collected and the hedges along the Just Cartridge road boundary cut


Election of the PC – this will take place in May this year – KB (clerk) and NB to attend a meeting at WODC.  The PC whether in its current form or in a new one will need to hold the AGM between the 11-15th May – if we can’t raise a quorum for that date (which looks likely) then we can rearrange

16 and 20

Flooding at the pub and High Cogges was dealt with together


High Cogges – meeting between residents, OCC, WODC and the parish council has been arranged for the end of this month


The pub area – the PC had been in touch with OCC about clearing the road drains to help the water drain away but had received an unhelpful reply suggesting that we handle it ourselves.  This has been refused by both ourselves and Dan Levy and further pressure needs to be bought on the council


Village Security after recent thefts – DP had not managed to hold of any community police.  LN attended a meeting at WODC with regard to crimes locally.  She drew our attention to how criminals are using drones to look at potential theft sites.  


Village Records and Archives – we are waiting a meeting with Phyllis Broome to be arranged to see what level of storage would be needed to safely store her archives


Notice Board Update – the coordinates have now been received and a meeting to update Mark Walker as to its location will be arranged


Dealt with above with item 16


Thames Water


Litter report


Date of next meeting – 7.30 – 29th February 2024


Points of information – 3 old car tyres have been dumped in the ditch in Church End – this will be reported to Fix My Street

Schedule of payments  – Item 5

Fri, 20 Oct 23



Fri, 20 Oct 23



Fri, 6 Oct 23



Tue, 3 Oct 23



Wed, 27 Sep 23



Tue, 26 Sep 23







Item 10 – Agenda of January 2024 PC Meeting

Re Conservation Area application meeting and future steps

As will be recalled an application for a conservation area over a large part of South Leigh and High Cogges had been submitted by the PC and rejected by WODC.

There was then feelers put out and WODC indicated that there were possible ways forward although the area of the application that had been submitted was too extensive and not justified by historical/heritage based criteria.

The PC subcommittee took up the indications from WODC and drafted suggestions for ways forward including the appointment of a jointly instructed expert and listened to concerns of WODC about the unjustified geographical area of protection sought.

It was felt that a face to face meeting was sensible and after some delay this took place

(1) Meeting

Date, 16 January 2024, Conference room 2, WODC Offices,

Attendees: Phil Shaw (PS), Abby Fettes (AF), Tara Hayek (TH), 

Gary Nicholls (GN), Martin Spurrier (MS). 

And GN and MS = South Leigh (SL)

The long awaited face to face meeting with WODC took place and overall it was useful and constructive.

The notion of having different and multiple areas considered as different conservation areas wereput on the table.

It was suggested by WODC that Church End was a good starting point with its possible extension to be historical / heritage Bond’s Lane, ridge and furrow fields, hedges and earthwork circle, to station Road/Chapel Road etc.  

It was stated that High Cogges was unlikely to meet the criteria but that other areas of the parish could be looked at but AF stressed that every decision would be historical/heritage based and the detail of this would be the province of the heritage consultant.

PS however emphasised that ‘setting’ was important and that a CA had a strong influence on the non-included areas surrounding it.

It was agreed that TF and SL would meet jointly with the consultant before a detailed brief was prepared and fees agreed on.

GN stressed that fees had to be capped.

PH confirmed that the Council had no money for this. SL confirmed the same but felt it would find the money.

Immediately subsequent to the meeting TH sent through a set of links that the consultant would need to consider and also a contact at Oxford Brookes where there might be student assistance that might help in keeping costs down.

General Next Steps with PC consulted in both February and in March and thereafter

(2) GN, MS and DP will speak to the previously retained consultant and get a relevant proposal from him with estimate of time scale.


(3) If GN, MS and DP feel he is appropriate, his CV etc will be sent to TH in advance of any meeting with WODC


(4) Meeting SL with TH in the week beginning 11th March or shortly thereafter – GN not being available in the week of 11th March which TH had originally suggested.

(5) Draft joint brief/letter of instruction

(6) Concluded agreement with expert.


Conservation Subcommittee

Tuesday, 23 January 24



Item 13 Agenda of Agenda of January 2024 PC Meeting

April Cottage South Leigh Road High Cogges

NO: 23/03061/HHD

23/03061/HHD | Alterations to existing detached garage building to include construction of two dormers on east roof slope, single side storey extension, amendments to existing external stair case and addition of timber cladding | April Cottage South Leigh Road High Cogges Witney Oxfordshire OX29 6UW

At the time of writing (20/1) this had not been decided but the PC had not opposed the application saying “The PC has no objections and its observations are that as this is the construction of two additional dormers and minor adjustments to the current structure with none of the alterations being significantly visible- the application should be granted.”

Old Crossing Station Road South Leigh Witney Oxfordshire OX29 6XJ

Ref. No: 23/03146/HHD 

The PC supported the application for the Conversion of garage to create separate storage and home office areas and construction of a front porch. Erection of a single storey rear extension together with alterations to the existing ground floor roof and amendments to exterior fenestration

and WODC approved the application on 18th January 2024 with 3 conditions

1  The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.

REASON: To comply with the requirements of Section 91 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004.

2  That the development be carried out in accordance with the approved plans listed below. REASON: For the avoidance of doubt as to what is permitted.

3  The development shall be constructed with the materials specified in the application.

REASON: To ensure that the development is in keeping with the locality and for the avoidance of doubt as to what is permitted.