PC Minutes 29th February 2024

Minutes Uploaded on March 19, 2024




29th February 2024

7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Councillors Present

Nicky Brooks (Chair) (NB)

Lysette Nicholls (Deputy)(LN)

Rita Sawrey-Woodwards (R S-W)

Peter Grant (PG)

David Auger (DA)

Dick Pears (DP)


1 No apologies received – neither District or County Councillors were present
2 There were no Declarations of Interest
3 To approve the minutes of the previous meeting as being a true record of the proceedings – a copy having been circulated in advance to the Councillors – there was one addition and amendment to the Minutes with regard to the Flooding item – the amended minutes would be posted on the PC website


LN asked that anyone  who  has seen or experienced problems with flooding report each incident to the Fix My Street App on the OCC website.  It will raise our profile and get problems sorted more quickly


4 Opportunity for any parishioner to raise a matter of concern. The details are not minuted but noted.

The burglary in the village was raised and discussed later

5 Payments to approve – only one payment was made in the period – £200 for the trimming of the hedge by the side of the football pitch
6 Review of actions or discussions from last meeting

A villager will be nominated for BBC local radio award in relation to litter

Attempts continuing to have abandoned car in Lymbrook Close removed and since the meeting that has been achieved thanks to action of PC and Cottsway

Contact was being sought with Low Carbon re 12 Acre-see below

The old car tyres have been removed,

Phylis Broome is leaving her archive material to her daughter, and we hope it might eventually return to us – this minimises the amount of archive storage we need

A leaving do for Terry the Postman will be arranged by Martin Spurrier with a suitable gift


7 Flooding at High Cogges and by the pub

LN reported that a meeting had be held between OCC, WODC, the residents of High Cogges and representatives of the parish council.   It was agreed that a residents’ privately commissioned report on the state of the pipes would be circulated and that OCC would also redo their survey so that a clear position of what is happening can be gained.  LN clearly presented the facts and said that where the pipe crosses residents’ land that that resident will be responsible for the cost of repair should they decide to go ahead


She stated that by bringing all parties together she has really doing all she can and it is now up to the individuals concerned to get together and find a solution.  She stated that the parish council would be happy to facilitate further conversations if that was thought to be helpful


The flooding outside the pub – this is thought to be mainly because of the silting up of the Limbrook with overgrown vegetarian and the non-maintenance of the grips.  OCC have been requested to come to clear the grips.

8 12 Acre Solar Farm – DP had written to the developer who unfortunately is on paternity leave – he will chase again.  LN will contact WODC to ascertain the state of the site in particularly whether it is operational now or not which will effect timing of receipt by PC of any money due
9 Drinking Water supply and Thames Water generally –

PG reported that the drinking along a section of Chapel Road had been coming through the taps brown, he reported to Thames Water who initially said it was from rust from the pipes and nothing could be done until after the weekend.  However shortly after the water returned to normal but with a very strong smell of chlorine but when RSW tested the water it was extremely high in prosphate content.  This is the second incident.


DP reported that our discussions with Thames Water have ground to a halt as they are simply not replying to e mails .  Richard Aylard is about to leave and we are hoping that we will be able to reinstate discussions once his replacement is in post

10 Update on Shores Green, Traffic Calming and Barnard Gate


NB reported that there hadn’t been much progress to report because OCC are going through the stages to allow them to compulsory purchase the land needed.  There will be a planning inspectors consultation/meeting to make a definitive decision.  This will delay the start of the project


A notice under Section 73 has been received just before this meeting – NB will investigate further

11 Update on Conservation Area Application


DP had produced a report on the progress of the application which was circulated before the meeting.   NB asked to clarify and amend the second paragraph – so it reads – ‘The PC agreed to a 3-person working group being set up to progress the possibility of applying for CA status’


After discussions, it was also agreed that the pc would vote only on the third point of the note and further discussions would be held about how to fund  further progress and how to keep the village informed


NB proposed, LN seconded – and the following proposal was agreed unanimously


The Working Group would be authorised to continue to pursue the already agreed objective of achieving Conservation Area Status.



12 PCC request for funding for cutting church yard grass\


We have previously agreed that the PC would fund up to half of the cost of the grass cutting up to a maximum of £500pa – hence the expenditure is already in the budget


This request was proposed and seconded and past unanimously  NB will progress

13 Leak to the village hall roof and the effect on the fire alarm.  The village hall committee reported that the fire alarm had been continuously going off and on inspection there was a leak in the roof caused by broken tiles.  A contractor has been chosen and will start work as soon as possible.  In the meantime the insurers have  been notified of the situation – it is not thought that the repairs will be so costly as to warrant a claim on the insurance


14 Opportunity for any County or District Councillor to update the council on any matter of relevance. LN reported that there were both County and District Council elections in May this year – and reminded us that to vote you would need to take a formal form of identification to the polling building.  If you don’t have such a thing you can apply to WODC
15 Crime in the village – a member of the public has produced a document giving hints and tips to help to keep your property safe  – this was agreed and will be circulated to the village both through the newsletter and the e mail circulation list.  The crime has been reported to the police and is an active investigation but following on from a report from the Community Police Office – there is not much resource being applied


LN reported that she is in touch with the Police Commissioner to register our disappointment that we no longer have a Community Police Office allocated to the village



16 Planning applications – Acre Cottage – there were no objections– DP to inform WODC
17 Traffic Cones – there was discussion about whether to buy some traffic cones in a bid to try to protect the verges – this was thought unnecessary
18 Fly tipping – at the last meeting we discussed the Litter Report and suggestions from Janet Soame.  NB contacted OCC and they are going to provide – ‘No Fly Tipping’ signs to be placed on the 90 degree bend on the Barnard Gate Road
19 Meeting with Robert Courts re mobile signal.  DP and NB had a face to face meeting with Robert Court and then took part in a call with Robert and the Vodaphone parliamentary liaison officer who reported that they are trialling a signal booster box that should help with areas that have no mobile signal.  They are going to send a survey team to the village to establish where the signal is the poorest and then hopefully install a system.  The boxes only increase the signal within a 500m range
20 Notice Board Update – the position of the Notice Board for High Cogges has been agreed by OCC and the adjacent land owner informed.  Martin Spurrier has kindly offered to erect it in the agreed place
21 Date of next meeting 28th March 7.30 village Hall
22 Points of information – There were none