Recommendations from Thames Water Meeting on Thursday 14th July 22

Following the meeting which I had with Rachael Followell-Mattin from Thames Water on Thursday 14 July 22, there are two really important points about keeping our sewage plant and the Limb Brook really healthy that were brought up which involve your help as a resident in South Leigh.

The first is the 3P request…..only flush the 3 P’s down the loo….pee, poo and paper (that is toilet paper). Anything else may lead to blockages and may also increase the odour from the sewage plant which residents in Lymbrook Close have to endure.

The second is to do with the rain water or any other water which drains off the land into our drains on the road. This water is not treated and drains directly into the Limb Brook and eventually into our local rivers.

So, for example, if you wash your car with detergent, and then rinse it off, the soapy water will eventually drain into the local streams/river/brooks, and because the water is loaded with phosphates from the detergent, that then pollutes the waterways.

If you use fertiliser on your veg patch or flower garden, make sure you only apply what is needed and not in excess, so as to reduce the leaching of the chemicals into local waterways. So the request is that nothing harmful is washed into our drains, nor poured down them please. Let’s work together to keep our sewage plant and local waterways in prime condition

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