The Village Playground in South Leigh

The Village Playground in South Leigh

I’m delighted to announce that two new pieces of playground equipment were installed in the playground in October.

We received a generous donation of £2000 from the Co-op and £250 from Witney Lions Dream Scheme along with donations from summer fayre funds and a donation given to the Parish Council for village causes. It has been great to have support for the playground from all these sources. I hope the children will get many years of enjoyment out of the new climbing frame and monkey bars.

The equipment was chosen by a group of village children in the Spring. The safety surfacing under the equipment is grasslok safety tiles and the grass is already growing through the tiles. The area underneath the new equipment will soon be green. Fingers crossed it won’t be too hard to mow!


Our next project is to find funds for a new waste bin and to renew the Springie tops which have been renovated a couple of times over their lives but now would benefit from replacement.

Once COVID-19 pandemic is over it would be brilliant if we could organise another working party to lift, clean and re-lay the safety surfacing under the flat swings. This will need quite a few people to help as each tile will be heavy and cumbersome to move. A weekend of work will save thousands of pounds if we had to get a company in to do this for us.

Karen Wilson, November 2020

South Leigh Children’s Playground in Lymbrook Close

The village playground is half way down Lymbrook Close on the left. The volunteer committee are a sub-committee of the Parish Council.

Although the weather tried its best to stop us, I am delighted to report that the playground safety surfacing re-vamp has been completed under the cradle swings! Our thanks to Jackie who let us use her water and electricity without which we couldn’t have done the work. Thanks also to Buster’s grandson, Harley, who helped us take up and pressure wash the safety surface last weekend and to Marn, Andy and Graham who helped us to stick the safety surfacing back down. Oliver was a dab hand with the leaf blower clearing debris from the concrete base and tiles. All completed in two days over two weekends, saving at least £2000 if we had had to have new surfacing laid by professionals.

Still work to be done…

This same process needs doing for the flat swing safety surfacing. The safety tiles under the flat swings will be particularly heavy as they are much thicker than under the cradle swings. Please look out for a request for help with that!

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