South Leigh Forest Restoration Project

South Leigh Forest Restoration Project

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Forest Restoration ~ Introduction and Quick Reading Summary

The South Leigh Forest Restoration is the idea of local resident, David Brooks, who is autistic. It is based on his concern for the environment and the depletion of woodland over time, mainly by farming and urbanisation.

THE VISION: ‘To regrow the South Leigh Forest of the past as closely as possible.’


  • To plant 200 trees in and around South Leigh in each of the next five years and so
  • Achieve 1,000 plantings by 2025.
  • New targets will be set for ensuing years.
  • At no cost to the Parish Council. The indicative budget for 2020 is 1,000.
  • The scheme will be self-funding. Money will be raised and materials sourced by volunteers who will run the scheme.
  • This plan was agreed by the South Leigh Parish Council on 7th January 2020.
  • Expert advice will be sought, throughout.
  • The Parish Clerk is investigating liability and insurance issues.
  • It will report to the PC as appropriate.
  • It will be an inclusive, well-communicated community programme for all ages and abilities.

Steering group: David Brooks, John Ashwell, Martin Spurrier. Volunteers will source and plant trees,and their sites, in and around South Leigh. In the early phases, locations visible to the public and in close proximity to the centres of habitation, will be given priority.

There will be single-tree and multiple-tree plantings. It is planned to expand from single trees to copses of 20 or more, later.

The trees will range from ‘self-set’ seedlings of a few inches to larger potted and / or ‘established’ trees. This is a long-term programme, although every effort will be made to make a positive visual impact as early as is practicable.

  • Land owners’ consents will be requested and recorded in every case.

Today’s global environment is in crisis and trees naturally address the causes of global warming. The scheme also supports the rural tenet of our Neighbourhood Plan and endorses the importance of our countryside setting and bucolic views.

This outline plan addresses the next five years, although it is hoped that the scheme will continue indefinitely.

For further information, please contact Martin Spurrier

01993 702808  or    07799 368464