PC Agenda 21st September 2023 ( To be held at St James the Great Church)

Agendas Uploaded on September 17, 2023



21st September 2023

7.30 pm at St James The Great Church South Leigh 

Members of the Parish Council are summoned to attend the meeting.

The public are welcome to join the meeting. Any member of the public who would like to speak shall contact Nicky Brooks in advance by email and any oral submission shall be limited to three minutes.

The law allows the council’s public meetings to be recorded, which includes filming as well asaudio-recording. Photography is also permitted. As a matter of courtesy, if you intend torecord any part of the proceedings, please let the Chair know before the start of the meeting.


1 Apologies and Councillors and others present. Introduction to the conduct of meeting
2 Declarations of Interest
3 To approve the minutes of the previous meeting as being a true record of the proceedings – a copy having been circulated in advance to the Councillors
4 Opportunity for any parishioner to raise a matter of concern.

This will not be minuted but issues that are raised and which the PC consider need to be looked at will be noted, recorded and appear on next agenda.

This is the only part of the meeting where members of the public are permitted to speak which will be limited in time and the Chair will determine how long each member of the public may speak for and each person shall not exceed three minutes


5 Payments to approve – a list was circulated in advance of the meeting to councillors and the payments approved will be shown in the minutes of this meeting. Insurance renewal


6 Review of actions or discussions from last meeting  (1) Playground –Lease,  photographs and call for volunteers (2) letter re AD to WODC (3) Thames Water readings (4) protected verge mapping (5) letter to Eynsham estate (6) Broadband speeds
7 Update on Anaerobic Digester


8 Update on Shores Green and the dual carriageway between Shores Green and Wolvercote and Traffic calming in village consultation
9 Update on conservation area application
10 Neighbourhood Plan and WODC local plan
11 Opportunity for any County Councillor and / or District Councillor to update the Parish Council on any matter of relevance or concern
12 Planning
13 Consultation with Vicar and parish about church
14 Security in village
15 Salt boxes for winter
16 Village Records and Archives – storage and consolidation
17 Pigeon and other bird cull
18 Notice Board Update & Complaint
19 Dog Walkers Advice
20 Respectful Behaviour Guidance
21 Date of next meeting
22 Points of information