Pc Minutes January 2021

Minutes Uploaded on January 15, 2022


Present were:

Nicky Brooks (Chair)
Mark Walker (Deputy Chair)
Lyse=e Nicholls (Parish Councillor)
Mar>n Wilson (Parish Councillor)
Graham Soame (Parish Councillor)
Eileen Mawle (Parish Councillor)
Charles Mathews (County Councillor)
Mar>n Spurrier (to update on South Leigh Forest Restora>on) Dick Pears (to update on Mobile Phone Signal)
Greg Murphy (to discuss Church Farm)
Sean Grace (Conserva>ve Candidate for Eynsham and OCC) Tammy Heavens (Clerk to Parish Council)

The mee>ng was held via ZOOM – seven addi>onal members of the public joined.

  1. Apologies: Carl Ryle= (District Councillor) Dan Levy (District Councillor)
  2. Declara>ons of interest: Eileen Mawle – Shores Green and Church Farm Mark Walker – Shores Green
  3. The minutes from the previous mee>ng were approved.
  4. Ma=ers of concern from Parishioners:
    1. a)  David Hindley contacted Nicky Brooks with concerns over lorries and high volumes of

      traffic around High Cogges Farm, Nicky will inves>gate.

    2. b)  We received a report from Mar>n Colle= re. drains and flooding (covered in sec>on 11)
    3. c)  The Parish Council would like to thank Jeremy Walker for cuZng the grass on the area

      near Shores Green. The Parish Council would like to consider how this area is maintained in future, should it con>nue to be kept as grass, or a nature area of wild flowers, or perhaps a combina>on of both? Considera>on is required, and this will be added to the agenda for the next Parish Council mee>ng.

  5. Ma=ers of concern from County Council or District Council:
    Nicky Brooks introduced Sean Grace who will be standing as the Conserva>ve Candidate for District and County in May 2021 elec>ons. Sean advised that there may be funds available to help with clearing ditches and introducing 20mph areas, and will inves>gate if South Leigh qualifies for this.
    Charles Mathew advised that repairs to Swinford Bridge were due to start next week. The works will be undertaken by OCC. This will mean the bridge is closed whilst the works take place. Charles also advised that Thames Water are carrying out repairs on Sta>on Road in Eynsham, and this road would also be closed whilst the works take place.
  6. Ma=ers arising from previous minutes not covered elsewhere: None.
  7. Cons>tu>onal Ma=ers:
    Dick Pears wrote to the Parish Council, with concerns over minutes from Parish Council mee>ngs. Nicky advised that Tammy will be undertaking Cleck training as soon as a course comes up. This will also be added to the Agenda for the next Parish Council mee>ng.
  1. Payments to approve:
    Clerk’s Salary and associated costs for income tax, all within budget.
  2. Conserva>on Area:
    The Conserva>on group are in the process of contac>ng an expert to provide advice on the next steps. We hope there will be more informa>on for the next mee>ng.
  3. Mobile Phone Signal:
    Dick Pears provided an update to the Parish Council prior to the mee>ng. The summary is: Dick had a posi>ve telephone conference with the Lead Poli>cal and Parliamentary Affairs Manager of Three and asked them to undertake further inves>ga>on into whether their proposal of more masts in neighbouring areas would increase coverage in South Leigh. Dick is chasing all four major providers and is also in discussions with BT for which the Parish Council are grateful. Dick also reminded us that he has a mee>ng with Nicky and Robert Courts scheduled for 19th March. Mark reminded everyone that it is possible to divert calls to a mobile phone to a landline.
  4. The Lymbrook:
    1. a)  Flooding: Lyse=e Nicholls is in discussions with WODC and Highways to get the drains at

      High Cogges cleared and signage and line marking within the village updated. Lyse=e will also bring to the a=en>on of WODC the items of concern from Mar>n Colle=’s report. But she has been advised by Highways that they are currently at budget and are awai>ng the new year’s (April) funds before they can con>nue with any promised works. Mark Walker advised that he has cleared these pipes and drains in the past; advice would be sought from WODC to find out if we are able to con>nue to clear these. Charles Mathew will support in geZng these highways works completed.

    2. b)  Nature: Graham Soame has supplied another sample of the Lymbrook water to Lucy Stoddart, BBOWT bio-diversity officer, and the results indicate extremely high levels of nitrate and phosphate in the water. Lucy has offered to lend us a mink trap which Graeme will check daily. Graham will also contact WASP (Windrush Against Sewage Pollu>on) to get advice on the nitrate and phosphate levels.
  5. South Leigh Forest Restora>on:
    Mar>n Spurrier advised, following the grant of £300 from TOE (Trust for Oxfordshire Environment), that they shall now press on with purchasing and plan>ng at the Bury’s Triangle in Stanton Harcourt Road and at the entrance to Just Cartridges. Mar>n asked for the Parish Council’s thoughts on plan>ng the 15 trees along the northern and eastern boundaries of the football field, despite the lease not being confirmed and signed, so as not to miss out on the plan>ng season and have to wait another year. The Parish Council had no objec>ons to this.
  6. Shores Green:
    Nicky Brooks was invited by Charles Mathew and a=ended a Locality Mee>ng with members of OCC to discuss the need to be kept informed on progress with Shores Green. Nicky confirmed that she has been added to a list of par>es to be no>fied first of any progress. Nicky will con>nue to chase. Mar>n Wilson asked if there was any update on the proposed A40 roundabouts at Eynsham. Charles Mathew confirmed that it has been decided it will just be one roundabout now. Charles will check the drawings and share and advise.
  7. Facili>es updates: a) Village hall

    b) Village green – Should we look to form a volunteer party to carry out the grass cuZng of the village green. Lyse=e Nicholls to inves>gate insurance coverage for this and, if appropriate, Mar>n Spurrier will seek volunteers (NB. Remy Mar>n‘s son could support this as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award).

c) Playground – we await the Co=sway lease for final signature. New COVID 19 rela>ve signage has been reinstalled on the entrance to the park. Karen Wilson asked for assistance with disposing of the now removed spinner from the playground. The Clerk is awai>ng a response from WODC as to whether they will collect this under bulky waste items for us. Mark Walker advised he will take a look at the item, as he may be able to assist with disposal. Mar>n Wilson advised concerns over the gateways into the park from private proper>es. The Clerk to discuss with Karen Wilson and get some advice from local Safeguarding Officers as to whether these gates are appropriate or if they should be removed.

  1. d)  Football pitch.
  2. e)  Bus shelter.
  3. f)  Postboxes.
  1. Responses to Planning Applica>ons:

    White Co@age: No concerns as long as external ligh>ng appropriate with Neighbourhood Plan.

    Church Farm Change of Use: Eileen Mawle len the mee>ng at this stage aner declaring an interest (the applicants being her daughter and son-in-law). Greg Murphy (one of the applicants making up the Church End Farm Partnership) a=ended and asked that the PC outlined their concerns. Sta>ng that in principle that the Parish Council would like to support these plans but that they have serious concerns – such as the uncertainty to the number and type of vehicles, the exterior ligh>ng and the entrance point into the barn. Greg took on board some of these points par>cularly to do with exterior ligh>ng but also expressed his view that the plans as submi=ed were the way he thought a business would need to operate. Aner some discussion and input from individual councillors including some ideas that might ameliorate some of the concerns, this part of the mee>ng closed with considerable differences s>ll being voiced. Greg len the mee>ng at this >me aner first resta>ng that he would be more than happy to show any of the Parish Councillor or villager around the proposed site should they wish. Aner further discussion between the councillors it was decided that Nicky Brooks would write to WODC expressing their concerns. All but one councillor felt this was the correct way forward. Mark Walker felt that the applica>on should be supported without altera>on.

  2. Any other Business:
    1. a)  Eileen raised concern over the footpath on Sta>on Road par>cularly outside ‘Thorns’

      which is narrowing and that works to the verge are needed in order to maintain this

      pathway. The Clerk to write to the council and highways.

    2. b)  The Parish Council would like to thank Janet Soame for her hard work collec>ng li=er

      from the roads and pathways.

    3. c)  Lyse=e Nicholls advised that she is liaising with Karen Wilson and Mar>n Spurrier and

      they are considering a village raffle to raise funds for village project in case the Summer

      Fayre is unable to be held this summer.

    4. d)  Should we consider passing informa>on on planning applica>ons in the area to the

      Webmaster to provide links and informa>on on the website? It was agreed that the Clerk would advise the Webmaster, on receipt of no>fica>on for WODC, but that a caveat should be included on the website, in case any were missed.

    Dates for the next mee>ng: 2nd March 2021 at 19:30 The mee>ng closed at 21:55January