PC Minutes May 2023

Minutes Uploaded on June 4, 2023



Amended Minutes

25th May 2023

7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Councillors Present

Nicky Brooks (Chair) (NB)

Lysette Nicholls (Deputy)(LN)

David Auger (DA)

Peter Grant (PG)

  1. Apologies were received from Dick Pears and Rita Sawrey-Woodwards
  2. There was no declaration of interests.
  3. The previous meetings minutes were approved as being a true record of the proceedings.
  4. No parishioner raised any matters of concern other than those covered by the agenda.
  5. It was noted how successful the Coronation functions had been with lots of people attending over the three days – particular vote of thanks was given to Martin Spurrier as the chief organiser but considerable thanks had to go the village hall committee and to all the other volunteers. A great village event.  It was also noted that there had been a considerable overspend on the budget and it was agreed that the parish council would cover this but the PC would need to put better systems in place, so this can’t happen again to this extent.
  6. The Annual Accounts for the auditors were presented and all resolutions passed unanimously – in detail.
    1. It was agreed that the consolidated turnover of the PC exceeds the limits for audit exemption and thus needs us to declare that the PC requires a limited assurance review.
    2. The draft Governance Statements were approved.
    3. The draft financial statements were approved.
    4. The internal audit report was received and accepted.
    5. The PC only Bank Reconciliation Statement was received and agreed.
    6. It was agreed to authorise the Clerk to Publish to publish the relevant documents on the PC website as soon as convenient.
    7. The Notice of Public Rights was approved, and authorisation given to the clerk to publish on the PC website so as to give the required notice to inspect

Authorisation was given to the clerk to deliver all necessary documents to the Auditors following the expiration of the period of public inspection

  1. Conservation Area – we are expecting an update from WODC during the first week of June 2023

  1. Parking at Church Green – with Dick being absence this item is carried over to the next meeting.

  1. The village hall committee have agreed to ensure that all people that rent the hall are reminded about the 20mph speed limit. Lysette had spoken to the manager at the Mason Arms but she had to refer any decision to the owners

  1. Update of the Anaerobic Digester – the planning application has been lodged with WODC – and they are gathering further reports – this wont be heard in May and maybe not until August. In the meantime, we have had some useful coverage by both TV and press.  It was noted that we need to keep an eye on the WODC planning comments portal to see what new things are registered.  It was noted that none of the many applications made by Acorn around the country have yet been decided.

  1. Shores Green – Nicky reported the up-to-date position on this application – it has been a long and frustrating process starting more than 2 years ago. We feel very let down by OCC as in the various meetings they appeared to promise both extra planting and sound boards.  They have recently retracted this stating that they surveys done by AECOM show these would have no benefit.   When pushed they have finally agreed to add extra planting (70m) of trees along the new junction and up to and around the attenuation ponds.  Nicky took the opportunity to apologise for the poor result and felt very let down by OCC.  We are continuing to push them – our latest approach being to include a 50mph speed limit on the main A40 once the project is complete.  We have asked that this be a condition of the granting of planning permission.

Better news comes in the form of their agreement to provide traffic calming throughout the main roads of the village – their surveys have shown that both the speed and number of cars are not suitable for our country roads – a budget has been provided and details will follow followed by a consultation period.  These decisions have been made from the  traffic survey figures for 2022. We are awaiting the 2023 ones – once these are to hand (end of May), we will publish  the details.

  1. It was decided to leave both the Thames Water, the land at the level crossing, broad band speeds and the meeting with the Church to our next meeting.

  1. The Coronation weekend was considered a great success by all – see above note – we were pleased to have people come forward to volunteer for the various projects in the village – there has already been a wild flower and a sunflower planting including some of the new volunteers as well as the regulars

  1. Planning Matters – A retrospective planning application had been received for comment on Field House for 4 garages and change of use of agricultural lane. It was agreed that we would object on the grounds of size, siting and inappropriate development – the site is very exposed and sits on high land

Date of next meeting 22nd June 2023 – 7.30 Village hall later varied to 29th June 2023